Testimonials and Praise

Praise for my Programs

“I really loved your presentation, and plan to use the tips you taught us. Thank you so much!”
Ruth N.

“Adrienne and I very much enjoyed your presentation. So well prepared and delivered. Your stage presence continues.”
Bruce G.

“Thank you for your CE presentation about music on Sunday, Heidi. I like the idea of a personal playlist and it is certainly true that I rely on different kinds of music for different personal needs. I smile when I think how strange some people might find it that I use recordings of Handel’s Suites for Keyboard and Glenn Gould’s recordings of Bach’s Goldberg Variations when I need my mind to be ordered for working on taxes. Of course I have a long list of other pieces that I really enjoy for other situations and moods. I have heard some Carlos Nakai performances, but had never listened to Native American flue music in quite the same way as I did during your session. I was surprised at how grounded and unencumbered I felt as I listened on Sunday. “
Judy M.

Wellness Wednesdays

“This was just what I needed.”

“Listened to it while I soaked in my tub. Thank you for sharing. So beautiful! Thankful for you!”

“Thank you so much for sharing! It brought me a peaceful moment and a smile. This work is awesome.”

“Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece with us. I’m a fan, and really appreciated the peaceful piece.”

“This is wonderful! Thank you! Just had my lunch to your beautiful music!”

“Thank you so much, Heidi! This was beautiful and soothing. I just listened to it with my father! It is so healing…”

“I enjoyed listening to the lovely music. It’s so hard to just center for a while without the mind running along on its hamster wheel. I’m sure it will get easier with practice. Thanks for sharing!”

“This was so relaxing and wonderful for me at this moment. I’m in the process of a move, and this was perfect this evening!”
Name withheld