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Piano Accompaniment

Piano Accompaniment

If you want an accompanist who smiles and genuinely LOVES this work, I’m your person. If you want a professional with over 40 years experience (I started accompanying choirs, soloists and shows in high school) I’m your person. If you want someone with an education to match the experience, I began as a piano performance major at the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. (I finished with a Music Education degree, realizing how much I enjoyed teaching.)

Being a former teacher I work well with people of ALL ages and experience. I love this work and want to help you make your performance the best possible. Let’s make the magic of music happen together!

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Live Music

I’ve been performing in one way or another my entire life. Live music provides the perfect ambience for any event…no matter how big or small. Music simply helps people relax, and live music also gives people a gathering space – a focal point, something to watch and chat about – while things get started.

Just a few examples of places I’ve played include: Hospital lobbies, Retirement Center game nights, Community Holiday celebrations, Company parties and fundraisers, Craft Fairs, Worship Services, School Concerts & Shows (as an accompanist or pit orchestra director), Private Memorials and Wakes, Weddings, and Prisons!

Let’s chat about how I can help you make your next gathering (whether live or virtual) the best it can be!

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Live Music
Does Your Organization Have an Employee Wellness Program?

Does Your Organization Have an Employee Wellness Program?

With the changes we’ve experienced over the past few years, mental health has become a critical issue. Music naturally fits into any corporate employee mental health and wellness program.

With the study of neuroscience of music, my health and wellness programs can give your employees a new resource and coping skill to help them manage the anxiety and stress of life.

You and your employees will feel more supported, empowered and refreshed through the power of music.

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Interactive Music Presentations

I’m first and foremost a teacher. I’ve moved from classrooms of children to adults, but my focus remains on how Music can and should be an important part of our lives.

My live and virtual presentations include stories, live music, light neuroscientific findings, meditation, laughter, and moments of clarity for everyone. My style is informal and as interactive as the venue allows. Attendees will leave with specific tips and tools on how they can easily support their own health and wellness using music.

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Adult Music Class
Palliative Caregiver Music

Caregiver Music

One common definition of “Palliative” is to alleviate pain without addressing the specific cause. For me, it means to bring comfort to those in need.

I have played for former convicts, weeping over the lack of opportunities they’re finding outside the prison walls. I have played for the overworked, pandemic-burned-out staff of hospitals on their break times. I have played in private homes and public places. One of the highest honors is for me to play at the bedside of a soul actively dying. They are sent on their way from this life with love and compassion, and the family and attending staff are also the recipients of the magical healing of Music.

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