My Story

Heidi Thomas

Hi! I’m Heidi

After a career as a musician, musical actress and music teacher, I learned the real magic of music…its capacity to heal. Rape is traumatic. Being silent for 30 years because the rapist is celebrity Bill Cosby can break one’s Spirit. OR NOT. Going public about it exposed me to a new trauma, this time from a disbelieving, angry public.

But I was okay. My life didn’t fall apart. My health didn’t deteriorate. My mental stability didn’t succumb to debilitating depression or anger. And after meeting so many other rape survivors who weren’t as lucky, I wondered why.

I began studying the cutting-edge neuroscience of music and its effects on the brain. And just like that, everything made sense. Without my knowing it, all those piano, flute and voice lessons, all those years of practice, all that time I thought I was just “doing what I was good at” had provided me with a magic tool for my physical, mental and emotional health.

Now I share what I’ve learned. I provide interactive presentations with music for corporations and caregivers, schools and service organizations, any group who would like to know more about the magic of music as a tool for health and wellness.

My Life’s Purpose

It is my life’s purpose to share my enthusiasm for the power of music and to support others in their self-care as a path towards world-wide wellness and peace.

I believe music may be one of the ways we will finally bring healing and peace to our world.

Mission Statement

Health Through Music provides supportive programs and practices to improve personal wellbeing, reinforce collaborative abilities and cultivate a wholesome environment. These are facilitated using both scientific facts and the unexplained mysteries of Music.

Vision Statement

To make the world a better place by sharing the power of Music with others and teaching them to use it as a tool in their overall Health and Wellness.

Why I do what I do

I’ve seen music bring joy. I’ve seen people weeping with emotional release and laughing uproariously with delight, depending on the music they’re hearing. I’ve watched blood pressures lower, and respiration and heart rates stabilize with live music being played in a hospital room. I’ve watched elderly souls that most thought were “out of it” begin singing along with songs they knew from their childhoods. I’ve seen music provide peace.

When people process their own emotions, they’re able to honestly connect with others. As people have patience and peace within themselves, they’ll find they have patient and peaceful interactions with others. Who knows what kind of a “domino effect” that could have?!

Heidi Laughing