Health Through Music

Heidi Thomas

Hi! I’m Heidi

After a career as a musician, musical actress and music teacher, I learned the real magic of music…its capacity to heal. Rape is traumatic. Being silent for 30 years because the rapist is celebrity Bill Cosby can break one’s Spirit. OR NOT. Going public about it exposed me to a new trauma, this time from a disbelieving, angry public.

But I was okay. My life didn’t fall apart. My health didn’t deteriorate. My mental stability didn’t succumb to debilitating depression or anger. And after meeting so many other rape survivors who weren’t as lucky, I wondered why.

I began studying the cutting-edge neuroscience of music and its effects on the brain. And just like that, everything made sense. Without my knowing it, all those piano, flute and voice lessons, all those years of practice, all that time I thought I was just “doing what I was good at” had provided me with a magic tool for my physical, mental and emotional health.

Now I share what I’ve learned. I provide interactive presentations with music for corporations and caregivers, schools and service organizations, any group who would like to know more about the magic of music as a tool for health and wellness.

There are several ways I share and teach

I am a musician and public speaker, and I provide programs both live and virtually teaching people how to use music intentionally as a tool for their health and wellness.


Interactive Presentations

My keynote presentations and classes are interactive and include live music, light neuroscience, and takeaway tips on how to use music as a health tool.

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Live Music

Live Music

I share music in hospitals and senior/retirement centers, and I am a paid accompanist for schools and professionals.

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Palliative Music

Caregiver Music

I am available for palliative music at bedsides or private homes. If you are located in the Denver metro area, contact me personally to discuss palliative music for your loved one.

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What My Clients Are Saying

“Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece with us. I’m a fan, and really appreciated the peaceful piece.”


“Thank you so much, Heidi! This was beautiful and soothing. I just listened to it with my father! It is so healing…”


“A very nice ambiance for my afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee. Thank you!”

Name withheld

“Adrienne and I very much enjoyed your presentation. So well prepared and delivered. Your stage presence continues.”

Bruce G.

Take a Music Break!

I encourage you to stop and take a Music Break. Listen to the songs below to get a feel of the music I play during my programs and live performances.

I Can Help

We’ve all had those times of stress, anxiety, maybe even trauma and depression. Although I don’t know your story, I know those feelings because I’ve been there. Having learned first-hand of the true magic of music, I now provide live music and keynote presentations and classes on how to use music.
From interactive programs to sing-alongs, keynote speaking to cocktail music, break-out sessions to bedside palliative music, I use music as a tool to promote health and peace.
Heidi Thomas Music

Hungry for Music

I actively support the non-profit organization Hungry for Music. Established in 1994, their mission is to provide quality musical instruments to children who demonstrate a desire to learn music. In only 25 years, they helped to deliver more than 14,000 instruments to children across the United States and the world.

They believe that sharing musical instruments and experiences creates an opportunity for children to experience freedom and self-discovery.

Their values align with my own values. I believe that we can make the world a better place by sharing the power of Music with others and teaching them to use it as a tool in their overall Health and Wellness.

Hungry for Music